Live Life like a Dessert Glass

 dessert glass pic

Today, I was reminded of the definitions of  trustworthy, unconditional love, and the phrase, “What you see, is what you get.”

Daniel 6, from the Bible, can truly bring all these words to life, especially when you want God on your side.  Just a quick recap, it’s when Daniel gets thrown into the Lion’s Den, because he kept praying to God, rather going with what was decreed by law.  He knew what was right and kept doing it.  The king, Darius, knew that Daniel’s God was a being not be playing around with, even though his aides were willing to point out the wrong doings of Daniel-from him praying.

So, why a dessert dish?  Well, King Darius knew that Daniel prayed to God and acted his life out, according to God’s will.  In otherwords, what King Darius saw, is what he got.  This in turn, gave Daniel trustworthiness.

I was also reading Letter 19 from “The Screwtape Letters” and it talked about God’s love.  Both instances, I was reminded of trustworthiness.  But, here, love was brought into light.  How many times do we think that love is based upon merit?  But, God still loves us.

A dessert dish is much like this.  When it’s filled, we can count on it being filled with good tasting things.  We can see it from the outside.  The coolness can be felt, if it’s been a frozen or in the fridge to keep it cool.  It will fulfill us after we’ve eaten it, because it truly quenched our desires.  We know that the next time that this dessert is served in this dish, it will give us the same satisfaction.

Live life like this, and people will know who you are and what you can give.  Others will be able to count on you.  You can show what true love is all about.  It is sweet and desirable.


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