Gluttony’s Answer-Psalms 100


Today’s reading from “The Screwtape Letters” by, C.S. Lewis, had to do with gluttony.  You may ask, “What does this have to do with being successful?”  EVERYTHING!

Gluttony has everything to do with wanting more.  It can be anything-money, time, food, relationships, i.e.  I always ask:

1.  Will wanting more of this make me into an ugly person?

2.  Will wanting more destroy the relationships I have?

3.  Will wanting more separate me from God?

I believe I had a previous post that had these same questions asked, about being successful.

In the book, “The Screwtape Letters”, Lewis points out two types of gluttony-Excess and Delicacy.  Excess is just wanting more stuff.  Delicacy is the wanting of things to be perfect, made by others, given to us.  Both can bring sadness and ungratefulness.  So, the answer is Psalms 100.

Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth.
Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before Him with joyful singing.
Know that the Lord Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.
For the Lord is good;
His lovingkindness is everlasting
And His faithfulness to all generations.

Now, one may say, “But, I need to do my best.”  Here’s a picture of someone wanting to do their best, yet it turns into gluttony:

sweaty manYou become uncomfortable, and require other stuff to ‘cover up’ this fact.  Lewis points out this with, “…must think of the medical side of chastity, feed him the grand lie which we have made the English humans believe, that physical exercise in excess and consequent fatigue are specially favourable to this virtue.”  He was writing this as when we overeat.  Oddly enough, this problem was already in existence during World War II, over 75 years ago!  How many times do we ‘workout’ the next day, after eating a feast meant for 4 people?  Yeah, you’re uncomfortable with all that food in your stomach.  How about readjusting your pillows so that you can sleep more comfortably?

What about looking  for new work, as that’s my situation, right now.  I can daily, pour over classifieds, call every temp agency in the world, apply to 5 different jobs, and go to a job fair every week.  Yes, I’ll feel exhausted!  In order to “fix’ the problem, I can then lie to my family or not even spend time with them, as to have more hours to devote to finding a new job.

The Lord is good.  He is faithful and will provide.  He meets us where we need to be met.  Therefore, I’m not going to be gluttonous in finding a new job.  I have my sanity, family, and my relationship with God to make me more successful.

More importantly, in order for me to be successful, I need to be thankful for what God has given me and acknowledge the fact that He has given me the best.


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