The Heart as a Mussel

Mussel Shell 1

Yes, this is a play on words.  But, when I took this photo, I immediately saw the shape of a heart.

The heart, the human heart, is quite a complex organ.  If it didn’t pump the blood through our bodies, we would die.  If it didn’t had any type of malfunction, it would cause other parts of the body to suffer as well.  Yet, the organ is only the size of a fist.

What’s so important about having a heart, when it comes to success?

1.  Even though “To have a heart”, literally doesn’t mean to possess physically a heart, it does mean to be gracious and giving.  Let’s go back to what the heart does for the human physical body…it gives life.  Since we have life, we need to give back.

2.  The size of a fist really ‘struck’ at me, as how we need to get through certain aspects of our life.  We do need to sometimes fight for our life.  Whether it’s a relationship that’s falling apart; a job that we hate, but need to go to; or, health issues that need to be taken care of.  The heart if overly used in negative situations, it will start to fall apart.  It will need to pump more blood, at a faster rate.  Not good.  This can lead to other problems.

3.  The heart can be re-started.  Whether it’s a metaphor of having a broken heart or literally, the heart stopped.  It can be mended and re-started.  It is when we’ve waited too long to re-start it take care of it, that we run into problems.

4.  Asking Christ into our heart.  I always thought why ask Him into our heart and not our brain?  What does the heart do?  It gives us life.  We can be brain dead.  But, if the heart can be mechanically pumped, it is still sending blood to other parts of the body.  The brain only sends neurowaves.  Christ gave us life, when He died on the Cross.  The blood goes through out the body, including the brain.  Christ’s death, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and God’s love flows throughout the body, including the brain to direct in ways that will make us successful.

Success isn’t always measured with how much money we make; our place of residence; or, what we are physically possessing at that time.  Success sometimes appears differently to others, such as this picture.


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