It’s How You See Things


Perspective is the we see things and put them into our own understanding.  We can all look at “The Old Man on the Mountain” in the White Mountains, New Hampshire (which is no longer there, after April 2003) and not see an image of an old man’s profile.  Others will see it clearly.

We can either gain a good perspective by experiencing certain situations and listening to those who are going through a certain situation.

Lately, there have been at least 3 top one liners given to those who are searching for a job, even though they already have a job.

1.  Well, just be grateful that you have a job.

The person who just said this, does not have the full understanding as to why the other person is looking for a job.  It could be that the person is needing to find a better paying job, because their family is needing help.  Maybe the current job is too far for them.  Or, it could be that they are so unhappy with their current job, that the only way to get through life is to change scenery.

In order to be grateful for something, the person needs to find the blessing in it.  If the job doesn’t give them a blessing, there’s no way they’re going to feel grateful.  However, they don’t need to act ungrateful. 

2.  At least you have job security here.

Please see the above.  Furthermore, it’s assuming that the person isn’t on the verge of being fired, yet they’re doing the responsible thing by finding another job, before they truly do get fired.  Maybe the person feels like they’ve grown as much as they possibly can in that environment and can’t grow anymore, unless they change jobs.  The job security will eventually kill them-mentally, physically, or both.  Trust me, I see it on a daily basis.

3.  It’s not easy finding a job out there, nowadays.

Have you, the person who just said this, attempted to find a job in the last week, month, or even year?  Granted, the jobs that are being offered are a lot less.  But, people die, retire, quit, get fired from their jobs daily.  That just frees up 4 job openings right there.  What’s being said on the news, by ‘experts’, and who knows what, is basically telling those who are looking for work: You will need to think more creatively now, more than ever before, if you want to find another job.  Yes, it will be another job, just to find another job.  (It’s like that phrase, “A vacation from a vacation.”)  But, just like anything else, whatever you put into it, you’ll get out of it.

With that being said, from a Christian standpoint, perspective is also the same essence as grace.  Grace only comes, once you’ve walked in the other person’s shoes and can show empathy for the situation that they’re in.  From a secular viewpoint, it’s when you’ve walked in the other person’s shoes and can show empathy for the situation that they’re in.  

In other words, don’t pass judgment or discourage someone who’s wanting to make a change.  The bottomline: Don’t assume and dole out phrases that don’t seem to match the other person’s perspective.  First see it from their viewpoint and then you can start questioning their motives, ideas, or convictions.


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