Survival of the Fittest


This past week I was reminded that it’s the ones who keep striving, the ones who keep fighting are the ones who actually overcome anything.

I then went through some of my old photos.  Last year, I had gotten a new camera and went to Cal State Long Beach to the Japanese Tea Garden.  My husband and I bega
n feeding the fish.  They were swarming to get to the food.  Some were even willing to stick their head out of the water and truly work for the food.

Of course, there were ones who were naturally ‘there, at the right place, right time,’ that they didn’t have to work for it.  Others were fighting and again, willing to put their ‘life’ on the line in order to get a little nibble.

This is how life is.  How we approach each assignment that is given to us, determines if we even get fed.  It doesn’t need to be so much as food.  But, if we want recognition, we at times need to work for it.  If needing a new transmission for a car is what needs to be obtained, and money is tight, we are willing to do anything that it takes-working 2 jobs, collecting recyclables, pinching every penny to get the money to pay for it.

Whether you want to call it sacrificing or surviving, what ever way you look at it, the person who’s holding the bag, is the one who overcame.  It’s not so much about winning.

Life isn’t about winning or losing, but rather learning what works for you and sticking to it, until the job is done.


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