Aim High, Appreciate the Low


Just this past week, my family & I watched “The Middle”, the 2 part season finale, where the family goes to Walt Disney World.  The part that still keeps sticking out in my mind is when Axel admits that he studied and his final grades are all “B’s”.  He aimed High, got better than expected grades, and relished the fact that he can actually succeed in school.

I’ve been giving our foreign exchange student, little bits of wisdom, regarding being successful.  I gave her this example:  Shoot for studying at 100%.  Learn as much as you possibly can.  Then, if you take a quiz or test, and only receive a 70%, you at least know the other 30% and can improve, easily.  But, if you only shoot for a 70% and only get a 70% on a quiz or test, there’s no more room grow.

As I’m now searching for a new place of employment, I aim high, applying to all the jobs that I would like to attempt.  Even if I don’t get an interview, knowing that my name is out there and going through the motions puts me closer to the new life I’m yearning for.

Aiming High, Appreciate the Low also gives me hope that things are never going to be the status quo.  I’ve had people ask me why I want to leave the company I’m currently at.  I’ve been told that I should just be grateful of having the job that I do have.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am eternally grateful that I have the job that I have.  But, i know that I’ve grown out of the place.  If I don’t leave, I will become stunted.  My hope comes from Aiming High.  My gratefulness is Appreciating the Low.  But, knowing that there’s room for growth elsewhere, motivates me to keep searching.

Hopefully, this comes to you in a time that Aiming High comes naturally and Appreciating the Low is right behind.


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