Who in Your Life Influences You to do Your Best?

Influencing someone doesn’t take a lot.  They can either nag, motivate, bribe, and/or threaten you to do something.  It’s all about youur personality and what you allow others to do to you.

To influence someone, means that they change they way to conduct your life.  So, this can either be a good or bad thing.  The bully at school can influence someone to become reclusive.  The teacher who sees potential in the shy student can bring them out of their shell. The person’s influential behavior is all about what makes them feel successful.

So, to influence someone to do their best, requires that person to put aside their selfishness and understand that the recipient may not be ready to accept their help.  But, when they are, they can most totally be successful and that giver becomes successful as well.

The question today, “Who in Your Life Influences You to do Your Best?”, is actually an ongoing statement.  Therefore, it’s not someone in the past, but someone currently.

For me, it’s God, my husband, and whoever I feel deserves to have respect paid back to them.

God It’s my relationship with Him, that I understand that as human, I have so much to be grateful for.  He’s blessed me time and time again with His graciousness, that it’s only befitting that I give it back by putting my best foot forward, at all times.  My behavior, choice of words, and my lifestyle need to reflect this.  

Therefore, my house isn’t in such a disarray that I can’t clean it without feeling overwhelmed.  It doesn’t have cockroaches running around and has an odor that can kill King Kong.

My appearance doesn’t make people take a second look so as to embarrass myself or others around me.  I know that first impressions are lasting impressions, so I need to appear accordingly.

The is also influences my behavior.  I was just reminded about this not too long ago, when I was meeting a friend of our exchange student a few weeks back.  He was running late in picking her up and others were waiting.  But, he didn’t take the time to slow down for even 2 minutes to properly introduce himself, nor were we able to question him on who he was, where he came from, and how long is he planning on staying.  It’s only through our exchange student are we able to find such information.  His words as we has anxiously stood outside his car was, “I don’t understand English very good.”  He’s been here for several months!  So, at this point in time, my husband and I are not very fond of this person.

My husband is my anchor.  Although he isn’t the nagging type (which sometimes I need) and I don’t do well with threats (which he doesn’t know how to do), he can say certain things that I know are important to him and it’s then that I understand that I either need to change or do something.  It’s not very often that this happens.  But, when it does, I take it to heart.

Anyone who deserves my respect These are the managers, teachers, friends, people in passing that exhibit what they ‘preach’. There are even ones that I just coming in contact once, and they can influence my behavior to change.  

Almost 9 months ago, when my husband and I got rear-ended, I was distraught.  People were standing by the curb to see the action and me go ballistic about the guy who rear-ended us.  But, there was a woman who went inside the restaurant and got me a cup of ice water and began to calm me down.  She even prayed for me.  It did calm me and allowed me to gather my thoughts and pull myself together, that when the police began to question me, I was able to talk in a calm, firm voice.

God knew then, that to be able to do that and be on my ‘best behavior’, I needed physically to calm me down.  My husband was dealing with his own issues.  My ‘best behavior’ was to act calmly and thoroughly so as to not say anything or do anything that I would regret later.

So, who are those who influence you?  As you can see, it’s not always about getting the right answer on a test; changing your entire life; or, performing to prove something.


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