What Are Your Goals in Life?


It is a recipe for success to know your goals in life.  It gives you a clearer vision and allows you to prioritize what is important.

Goals can either be perceived as being a challenge, focus, or something that is like a New Year’s Resolution-something to create, but it never transpires.  I’ve been in all 3 categories.

What are my goal(s)?

I think the biggest challenge or focus right now is for me to finish school.  Currently, I’m finishing my B.S. in Applied Studies at Cal State Dominguez, through their on-line program.  I’m in first year, second semester, second session, which are 8 weeks long.

Yes, a bit challenging, with having to work full-time, keep up with a house, a husband, and being a host parent to a foreign exchange student.

In order to get through the day, I write down task lists and text my husband and exchange student about what’s happening, if I need their help.

Work is usually in the evenings and on weekends.  So, I must use my time management skills to get everything done.

I also have to remind myself of the blessings that don’t block me from my success in achieving this goal.

The classes are all online.  I only have 1 class this session.  So, I can work on my homework at 3am, if need be.

Our exchange student is an adult.  So, I don’t need to tote her to soccer practice, afterschool functions, and/or help her with her homework on a daily basis (like a parent would).  Oh, I do help her, by setting aside time to work on questions she has and when we’re out and about, I’ll help her with the conversation skills.

My husband helps out, when he can.  He’s not a stickler that the woman has to do all the housework and make dinner everynight.  Plus, he’s my #1 supporter in going to school.

I know that goals are suppose to have timelines and short-term and long-term goals.  A long time ago, I realized that when I did these, I stressed myself out so much so, that I’d throw the goals out the window.  Therefore, I’ve changed my attitude about when things are done.

There is  a target date.  School is to be done in 2 years, or less.  I know how many units are required and how many units I can take per semesters.  I have at least 50 units, which is about 4 traditional semesters.

Each class I have an expectation to fulfill, which I determine by the end of the 2nd week.  My Ethics class that I just took, I expected nothing less than a 90%.  I received a 97%.  My International Political Science class that I’m currently taking, maybe an 80%.  I still haven’t received my first assignment as being graded, yet.  It may all change.

Life is about changing according to what you can handle.  Not everyone has the same agenda, ability to finish certain tasks, or passion.  It’s ok to change the goal if any of these have a different meaning, once you’ve started on your road in achieving your goal.

Lastly, enjoy even the tiniest of achievements.  There are times when you wont’ see the end of the road and it’ll get tiresome.  Lean on the small acknowledgments.

So, what goals are you facing today?


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