Define Success, Cont’d

After the last post, I had to think for myself, again, what I define as being successful.

Lately, I’ve been having a tough time with hang-ups and issues in my life.  I’ve come to realize, that in order for me to be successful, I need to get over these hang-ups.  Easier said than done.

But, people can see right through those who have issues going on in their lives.  They’re tired, worn down, and sometimes not pleasant to be with.  

In order to be successful at anything, one must look at ways to find opportunities to share with others their talents, gifts, and what more.  But, worn down, unpleasant people are not fun to be around.  They usually keep people away.

Granted, we are all entitled to have a moment where we just have to be alone, to feel grumpy, or to have anger.  But, either let it out and get on, or find ways to do this.  This is the first step to success.

Truly, I don’t like our current President.  But, he’s successful because even though he’s had some rough and tough issues to deal with, he goes on.  Granted, he’s like a dictator (which is not good as well), but he doesn’t let these things fester in his life.

I shared some pictures from my walk this morning of Signal Hill.  It’s a visual reminder that even though I may at times want to just get too busy, I still need to take time for myself.  I’m most certainly not succeeded in the exercise world or am the epitome of fit health, but it’s a reminder of my doctor’s appointment from last week.

It was not a good time.  Usually I come out from the doctor’s office happy and jovial.  But, I was not this time, due to certain tests that were taken.  This week I hunkered down and returned to the gym and did my walk.  I food journaled and drank my water.  I’ve had a successful week.



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