What do I consider as being successful?

Last Tuesday, Feb. 25th, I went to a Symposium at Cal State Dominguez, where it was a panel of 4 women who talked about being successful and how they go there.  They all concurred, inadvertently, that success is a personal thing.  It doesn’t have to do with the stuff that you’ve accumulated or the amount of money that you make.

In order for me to figure out what I truly want, I first need to define what being successful means to me.

First, I believe success means that I have accomplished a goal that has has meaning to me.  To even begin this web blog is allowing me to be on the road to success.  Losing weight, finishing my B.S., having a clean home, paying my bills on time are all earmarks in making me successful.  it’s a feeling of self-accomplishment.

Second, I believe that success is more about attaining the important things in life and not have to worry about having attained them for another person or in the wrong way.  I can go an rob a bank and have lots of money to travel the world, give to the poor, and not have any debts.  But, I that’s not successfully attaining the money or these experiences.  I did it the wrong way.

I could in the name of my husband work 3 jobs, go to school, and clean the house so that we could get his ‘problem’ to go away.  But, I’d hate myself and he wouldn’t have learned from ‘problem’.  I would hate myself and him.  So, we could have his problem go away, but have more issues to deal with. That’s not success.

Third, success is not measured with how big of bleeding heart I have.  Yes, it’s important to give of your time, money, and self.  But, when it starts to take away precious time in fulfilling other needs, that’s not being successful as well.

Right now, what I consider is being successful is being able to get through each day unscathed and have accomplished at least 80% of what I had set out to do.  I do expect a lot from myself, which means that I put a lot on my plate.

From this symposium, it was pointed out to stop saying, “I don’t have time,” in the name of becoming successful.  So, what are you suppose to say when someone wants to take of your time, money, and/or self?  

That is something that has to be dealt with on a daily basis.

So, my question to you for this week is:  In place of “I don’t have time”, what would you say or do to someone who needs your time, money, or self?



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